Read an Exerpt of Figure of Speech

Vin cast a quick glance at the silent group of men sitting around the table and nudged Larabee.

“Must have a game going. Reckon we could’ve been lost out there and nobody’d notice.”

JD turned back to the table first, suddenly convinced that while his back had been turned Ezra had stolen a furtive glance at his tiles. Goddamn chiseler. The irony of his silent curse was lost on him as he struggled with his indignation, determined now to see justice done.

“Hey, Chris,” he called suddenly, “You got a dictionary somewhere?”

Larabee and Tanner exchanged a wary glance, Vin mouthing “Dictionary?” as his forehead creased in a puzzled frown.

“Someplace I guess,” responded Chris, more intent on getting dry than thinking about the whereabouts of his trusty Webster, “Try the bookcase.”

“JD, are you trying to insinuate that I’m being less than honest with you? Indeed, that I would lie about such a thing?” The degree of pathos Ezra managed to instill into his words might have swayed someone not well acquainted with either his skill or eloquence but Dunne was ever wary of the resourceful Southerner and his words, if anything, made him more determined to pursue his quest for the truth. “Just checking, Ezra.”

A flash of green eyes spearing him like a pair of laser beams, made him physically draw back and mumble defensively: “It’s allowed.”

Chris and Vin approached the table as one and looked sadly at the Scrabble board, before Chris finally shook his head.

“Jesus, you guys must be desperate! Never seen anyone bet on a Scrabble game before.”